Monday, August 25, 2008

And We're Off...

Watching the Democratic National Convention. Not much going on for a surprisingly long time. Finally Caroline Kennedy and a great little introductory video on Edward M Kennedy. Now Kennedy is coming out to riotous applause. And you know what I can't stop thinking about? What Bill Clinton must be feeling. He idolized the Kennedys. Once he got into office he eagerly courted Ted Kennedy. How must it feel to have the Kennedys, kicking off the Dem Convention, throwing the weight of their legacy behind Obama? I keep filtering all this through the eyes of the couple who lost the nominating process, but especially Bill.

Update: David Gergen on CNN - "the moral leadership of the Democratic Party never belonged to Clinton." Meaning Kennedy. As if during the Clinton ascendancy to the presidency and then primacy in the party during the Bush years was still second fiddle to the Kennedy tradition? I think he's overdoing it. But again, this stuff must burn. And Clinton himself might have contributed to this sense in his personal enthusiasm for that legacy.

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Jack and Amy said...

And Bill made it look easy last night. How hard did he have to work to get himself to look so pleased and proud for the camera?

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