Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday Morning Links

A little Sunday morning randomness for your pleasure (and because for two of these items I need to save the links):

MSNBC has a nice slide show up on the long forgotten Clark fortune. So that's where that wing of the Corcoran comes from!

Someone else's long forgotten fortune has appreciated nicely: Woman Tried for Failure to Report Treasure

Vancouver is over, next up Sochi. "Develop a good thick skin and don't shy away from criticism," said spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade (to the Russians), "because it's healthy and it makes you better at what you do." There is a slight absurdist vein to Russia receiving this advice. In the same vein - Sochi was established as a summer resort under Joseph Stalin. Thank You Stalin! Sochi 2014

A different sort of survival of the fittest: a fascinating article in the London Review of Books on psychological Darwinism

But the world is not all tooth and claw: The Goring celebrates its 100th anniversary. I have never stayed here, but it is the nicest place in London for tea. Big deep chairs, fireplace. I thought it was sort of démodé. It is a little disappointing to learn that it is not.

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