Friday, May 28, 2010

Rare Sight

Look at that empty street! And all that parking! On a Friday lunch hour in the River Market! Riverfest begins tonight, folks, and the police already have the area cordoned off. You have to park and hike in. As to the barricades, I have no idea. But that green storefront is Boulevard Bread, maker of the best sandwich this side of the Atlantic, and walling it off blocks from parking during the lunch hour is just cruel. It's not for myself I say this, but for all the disenfranchised downtown workers without a blog and thus no means to protest. Still, despite all the obstacles, the truly devoted sandwich eater will rise to the challenge.

See? This is lunch for two, plus cupcakes from Brown Sugar. I am on a mission of mercy. Have no fear, friend who is at home, I will bring you a Boulevard sandwich (and a cupcake).

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Brian Christopher said...

yum! I am hungry now.. :)

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