Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to the Books

Today P started Barbri, the prep course for passing the bar. By way of encouragement, think back to happier times P. Just a few short days ago you were receiving your Juris Doctor! I like this picture. But what happened to the sexy purple tam?

Saturday in a Nutshell: Morning in. Graduation ceremony. Mother mistook P's twin S for P and kept asking why I wasn't sitting with him. Student speaker drama (meaning both Peltz case and agonizing use of Robert Frost poems). Reception afterwards. P dropped off his grad gear and we grabbed a quick glass of punch on our way out to the airport to pick up M after her flight hit complications. Over to the Arkansas Arts Center to get some pictures for Exhibition files of Sonja Blomdahl blowing glass. Then out to scare up quality Scotch to go with P's happy graduation decanter. Over the S's house for the Preakness. Celebratory dinner for P. Then So for drinks with happy law grads.

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