Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Links

The earliest recordings of classical music ever made, believed to have been destroyed during WWII, have surfaced. They are going to be released on CD for collectors. I had a music history professor in Paris who collected rare recordings of classical music. He also introduced me to Guillaume de Machaut, the 14th century poet/composer whose Notre Dame Mass is the first cyclic mass conceived and executed by a single composer. Today Diabolus in Musica makes their American debut with Guillaume de Machaut's Notre Dame Mass. The term "diabolus in musica" (literally "the devil in music") is a medieval expression for a tritone interval. For medieval music only a pure fourth or fifth interval is harmonious and consonant. The tritone is especially bad, because it looks like the trinity (three whole tones), but sounds dissonant. Sound confusing? The Knights of the Round Table explain:

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