Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Morning Links

Marilynne Robinson is interviewed over at The Paris Review on her new novel Home. When she was a student she kept lists, she says, of metaphorical language in early American literature and this was her springboard into novels. Also possibly into sermons, as she admits to subbing for her priest on occasion. I would like to attend that church.

Nancy Huston is interviewed at The Prague Post on the occasion of her most recent work's translation in Czech. Movement between languages is Huston's specialty. Nord Perdu, an essay on minding the gap between French and English came out the year I was in Paris. It might have been the first non school related book I bought in French.

And speaking of French, yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the constitution of the Fifth Republic. Arthur Goldhammer takes a look and reflects on the different conceptions in French and English political terminology.

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Jack and Amy said...

oooh. Thank you.

But are you giving something away about Fashion Week in your post below?

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